Around hundreds of Sydney rail passengers were stranded reaching out and faced lengthy retard effected by Blackouts and a broken-down train at Wynyard station stopped services. Instead of trains, buses started work on the T1 North Shore and Northern Line trains from Wynyard to North Sydney throughout rush time, because the pressing electricity supply maintenance at Wynyard. No trains from the city were capable to return back to Wynyard and the authorities were ask the public to retard their travel or allow a lot of extra travel time. In the early time of Wednesday, Sydney Trains announce T1 North Shore and Northern lines had begun again and that buses would keep to supplement or supersede train services. on Wednesday after 1:00am Sydney Trains announce on the Western Line, buses keep to supersede trains from Blacktown to Richmond in both ways, and they were sure the Wednesday morning peak hour would not be influenced. Commuters used social media to release their annoyance, with some saying they have been attached on trains for long period. The station opened on February 1932.Wynyard was originally built with six platforms, the present four platforms are still numbered from 3 to 6, with platforms 1-4 located on the upper level and platforms 5 and 6 on the lower level. The original purpose was that Platforms 1 and 2, located neighboring to platforms 3 and 4, would finally serve the eastern couple of railway tracks across the Harbour Bridge.

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