After an emergency, general meeting held by the NRL clubs, John Grant has kept his job as Australian Rugby League Commission chairman. The clubs announced that Grant would remain in the position heading into the 2017 NRL season, after a meeting between Grant and the clubs at Rugby League Central. The clubs at first asked Grant’s departure based on his decision last month to cancel a club funding proposal, which had been agreed together, then on Tuesday conclude a transaction a great rise in club payments in the coming five years and a 65 percent rise in funding for popular rugby league, so, by this convention the clubs will have the long term monetary protection. The Australian Rugby League Commission is the official controlling body of rugby league football within Australia. It was founded, as the Australian Rugby League in 1924, together with the New South Wales Rugby League and the Queensland Rugby League. Ever after 1924, all other state and territory Rugby League controlling bodies have become associated to the League. The totally reorganized ARL Commission was formally established on 10 February 2012 and took command of all sides of the game in Australia. Legally, the ARL Commission is the actual, original ARL corporate being.


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