Booderee National Park is owned by the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community and is leased to Parks Australia. At this time, it is administered by the two, the first is the traditional land owners and the second is Parks Australia, but the Australian Government has committed to handing management back to the Wreck Bay community, in time the majority of the staff Booderee National Park are actually traditional owners and about providing further opportunities along those lines for the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community. Before 1996, the park was conveyed to the Wreck Bay Aboriginal community, which leases the area back to the Australian Department of the Environment and Heritage. The name of the park was altered to “Booderee” and its mean (bay of plenty) or (plenty of fish), was selected by the local Aboriginal community. Booderee National Park are settled in the Jervis Bay province of Australia and its consist of many parts, First, lands bordered by Wreck Bay to the south, St Georges Basin to the north and Sussex Inlet to the west, second, the Bherwerre Peninsula, on the southern foreshore of Jervis Bay, Bowen Island and the waters of the south of the bay.






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