Hawthorn Football Club captain Luke Hodge was a one of the fistful of AFL players to fast make their refusal clarity after the AFL forbid the third man up at ruck competitions, after that captain Hodge went on Twitter just a few minutes after the AFL formally forbid additional players being implicated in ruck duels about the ground. The forbidden come behind an increased use of the way, where an additional player would leap at a ball up around the ground. Removing the third player up at ruck competitions will help the recruitment of tall players and guarantee the match keep to be played at the best level by players of different sizes and differing skills, and just the recommend players can now contend in any ruck duel, as well, the AFL game review panel will crack down on so-called tummy taps in the coming period, with players probably to be pending for punches to the midriff. Luke Hodge, June 1984 is a professional Australian rules footballer who plays for the Hawthorn Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL). Hodge is the current captain of the club. Hodge started his career playing on the half-back flank but as his career progressed he has been known to push up into the midfield. He is a four-time premiership player, three-time premiership captain and a two-time Norm Smith Medal list.



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